Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Mason Creek Elementary - Great teachers, readers, and writers

How excited am I?

I get to visit Mason Creek Elementary School, and experience the awesomeness of media specialist, Ms. Diereshe Collins!

It's been about eight years since I met Diereshe and had to ask three or four times, "Now, how do you pronounce your first name?" For those still wondering, it's DURshee.
80s Day at Mason Creek
I guess what I love most (there are so many to choose!) about Diereshe is her creativity. Her library/media room, is always an adventure into the wonderment of reading. She even did a pirate theme one year and showcased the third book in the "Cynthia's Attic" series, Curse of the Bayou! She is supportive of anyone and anything that encourages reading and writing. If you're an author who supports this same agenda, you are her friend for life.

Just one of the perks of being a published author is being able to recharge those creative writing batteries visiting schools like Mason Creek Elementary!

Mason Creek readers are the best!

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